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6 Matlab tips for .NET users

TipsMatlab is a great big machine, but sometimes hard to work with. Even without any toolbox, there are so many features that it is hard to find information although the help section is really useful ! Here are some tips


For a first article, we'll see an implementation in Matlab of the so-called k-means clustering algorithm. K-means algorithm is a very simple and intuitive unsupervised learning algorithm. Indeed, with supervised algorithms, the input samples under which the training is performed …

Working with SQLite database in Matlab

SQLiteYou might have already wonder how you could deal with large amount of data taken in lab ? For example, you might have led some experiences with different conditions / hypothesis, performed measurements and store the resulting raw samples into …

2-D logistic regression

logistic regression thumbWe have previously presented a proposed implementation for the k-means algorithm on computed samples. We saw that the result performed quite well clustering our samples. The next step now is to evaluate the probablility that a new sample belongs to …