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6 Matlab tips for .NET users

TipsMatlab is a great big machine, but sometimes hard to work with. Even without any toolbox, there are so many features that it is hard to find information although the help section is really useful ! Here are some tips

MongoDB Aggregation with C#

MongoDBMongoDB is a very praticle and simple NoSQL database. It provides drivers in a lot of popular languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Scala and so on. MongoDB is a document-base database and well suited for …

Get your IP address for remote connection

During Christmas time, I used to spend time in my familly abroad. Thanks to internet, it is now easy to access my files etc. with cloud services, or better if I want to access my softwares, remote desktop. There are …

Combinatorial analysis - Enumerator

LogoC#In mathematics, the branch that studies number arrangement is called combinatorial analysis. This a pretty tough exercice in general because one we might think of all possiblilities, all ways numbers can be arranged. For example, try to figure how to …