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CI/CD Python project with Gitlab

DevOps is the new trend, and developers must embrace or .... well you know.

This is the kind of article I just read this morning, and I must admit that it is indeed clearly a trend. As a Python developer, …


Your first CNN made easy with Docker and Tensorflow

Deep learning is the "new" trend, but more than a trend, related tools start to be quite mature. Convolutional neural networks (CNN) are particularly interesting and are a great source of research in visual recognition. With the help of Docker, …

Generalized linear regression with Python and scikit-learn library

python-powered-h-140x182One of the most used tools in machine learning, statistics and applied mathematics in general is the regression tool. I say the regression, but there are lots of regression models and the one I will try to cover here is …

Theano demo with Docker help




What is Theano ?

From the Theano website:

Theano is a Python library that allows you to define, optimize, and evaluate mathematical expressions involving multi-dimensional arrays efficiently.

This is a demo of the library Theano commonly used …

Slack Python client to send messages

slack_rgbWhat is Slack ?

Slack is a boosted instant messaging app, it's as simple and powerful as this. Indeed, it is an innovative way to let your teams communicate via channels you can subscribe. But that's not all. You …

Scrapping bank website to access account operations


For several years now, I've build and maintained an excel worksheet for my budget. Every income and expense is logged so that I can plan future expenses, follow where my money goes, plan my saving accounts and so on. However, …

Gradient Descent Optimization


In many machine learning algorithm, the goal is to find a function or parameters that allows us to approximate or modelize unknown observable data. Those data could come from device measurement, web crawling, empirical observations etc. Generally speaking we have …